Monday, August 22, 2016


elling your car to a private party, you're cutting out the middleman, and this allows you to get the full market-value price of your vehicle. You can easily realize a financial gain of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
If your car is an older vehicle with lots of miles, from a financial perspective, selling to a private party can be especially beneficial. Older cars are more difficult for dealers to sell on the lot, and for this reason, they tend to garner low prices during trade-ins. A private-party sale will help you score a deal that more closely reflects the true market value of your older used car.
Control over the process. Yes, selling your car to a private party can take a long time, and yes, it can be tedious. However, the upside is you are in control of the process from start to finish. If you get a bid that's unsatisfactory, you can simply decline, and wait for the next bid to roll in. If you're consistently getting bids that are lower than you'd like, you can choose to do some work on the car to upgrade its value. The ball is in your court every step of the way, and this isn't the case when negotiating a trade-in.

Selling your car to a private party: Cons

Takes longer. As mentioned, a private-party sale doesn't always happen overnight, and it's difficult to predict when an offer will come your way. If you're looking for the quickest way to earn cash from a sale, this is not the route to take.
Requires time and effort. From taking photos of your vehicle to taking the time to meet with potential buyers and screen offers, you can expect to put a good deal of energy into navigating all aspects of a private-party sale. While this will help you sell your car for more than you would if you were to trade it in, it's important to remember your time has value. The financial gain arising from a private-party sale may not be worth it once you attach a value to the hours spent orchestrating the transaction.
May present safety concerns. With a private-party sale, you're putting yourself in a vulnerable situation with a stranger. There are steps you can take to minimize your safety risk, such as staging the meeting in a public place. However, there are certain circumstances unique to the car-selling process that will be tricky for you to finesse.
For example, the potential buyer is entitled to take the car for a test drive. Being in the vehicle during this process places you in a vulnerable position, but if you're not in the vehicle, you make it very easy for someone to drive off with your car.
Another concern is fraudulent payment for your vehicle. An escrow service can protect you from this to some degree, but be aware that it's possible for scammers to create fake escrow services.
In the process of passing along service information and transferring titles, you may find yourself sharing personal details that could make it easy for you to become the victim of identity theft. Minimize your risk in this area by using a marker to block out personal information such as credit card numbers and phone numbers when handing off your service records to a buye

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