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. information technology colleges in california

The world of information technology is always evolving. What is now commonplace was once a breakthrough. As a student in one of the Bachelor of Information Technology programs, you will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to address the IT issues of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.This list of career paths is for general information purposes only, and is not meant to be comprehensive. Some of the career paths listed require additional education or training. For more information on careers for Carleton graduates, including sample job titles and lists of marketable skills acquired in our degree programs, visit Co-op and Career Services
The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) offers four distinct programs: Information Resource Management (IRM), Interactive Multimedia and Design (IMD), Network Technology (NET) and Photonics and Laser Technology (PLT). These programs are offered jointly by Carleton’s School of Information Technology and Algonquin College’s schools of Health and Community Studies (for IRM), Media and Design (for IMD), and Advanced Technology (for NET and PLT). You will graduate with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from Carleton University and one of a Library and Information Technician diploma (for IRM students), an Advanced Diploma of Applied Arts (for IMD students), an Advanced Diploma in Technology (for NET students) or an Advanced Diploma in Photonics and Laser Technology (for PLT students) from Algonquin College.The minor in Archaeology, offered through the Greek and Roman Studies program in the College of the Humanities, is designed to allow students from any discipline to pursue a wideThe minor in Drama Studies allows non-English majors to make the study of the history and criticism of drama, and, to a lesser extent, dramaturgy, a substantive and separately identified part of their BA programs. The minor consists of a combination of workshops (in acting and stagecraft and/or writing for stage and screen) and the intensive study of world and historical drama, including Shakespeare. variety of approaches to the field of archaeology. The areas of focus are not limited to Greece and Rome. Students in existing field work courses offered by our department have already excavated at sites in the Ottawa area, on Baffin Island, and in Spain, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Russia, Israel and Jordan.The Minor in Design provides an opportunity for students from outside the Bachelor of Industrial Design to integrate design concepts into their main field of study. Students will learn about design thinking, design processes and user-centered design, along with innovation and idea creation for products, services, environments and systems. The design topics covered in the program relate to a wide range of disciplines that intersect with design.


Students in the minor will be exposed to the use of digital media and new technology in archaeology for imaging artifacts and structures, data management, drawing, restoratiArts and culture has become an important sector of Canadian industry, with ties to tourism, education and government. This minor is designed to equip students with the business and management skills to pursue careers in arts and culture, whether in institutions or as sole practitioners. Ottawa, with its world-class festivals and museums, its performing arts community housed in the National Arts Centre and the myriad of community based arts organizations provides an ideal learning environment for students interested in this field.on, reconstruction, and analysis of finds. Our location in Ottawa allows for collaboration between the minor in Archaeology and the city’s many museums, academic associations and international embassie

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