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e Southeast Michigan Council of Governments has released their 2015 car accident report for the state of Michigan. The new information reveals that southeastern Michigan has a particularly high amount of car accidents, in particular the counties of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne. Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Lansing also have higher than usual rates of auto accidents.
These Southeast Michigan Council of Governments numbers are supported by reports from the Michigan State Police. The Michigan State Police report goes into detail regarding the specific parts of each county where the vehicle accident occurred. With the exception of one traffic accident, all of the accidents listed in the Michigan State Police reports occurred in the three counties identified in the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments report: Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne. Deaths and injuries in these areas appear to be high, so being aware of where the accidents are happening is important.
Dangerous Intersections in Michigan Identified
Individual intersections have been identified as being frequent accident sites. While there is a long list of dangerous and potentially dangerous intersections in southeastern Michigan, the following were some of the notably dangerous areas.
Macomb County: Dangerous Intersections
In Macomb County, the most dangerous intersections included:
The intersection at 11 Mile Road and Van Dyke, located in the city of Center Line 
The intersection located at the junction of 18 1/2 Mile Road and Van Dyke Road in the city of Sterling Heights 
The intersection located where Hall Road and Schoenherr Road meet in Shelby Township 
Oakland County: Dangerous Intersections
In Oakland County, the dangerous intersections included the following areas.
The junction of Pontiac Trail and the M-5/Martin Parkway, located in Commerce Township
The intersection where Telegraph Road and 12 Mile meet in the city of Southfield
The intersection where Interstate 75 and Big Beaver Road meet in the city of Troy
Wayne County: Dangerous Intersections
In Wayne county, several intersections were identified as being dangerous for drivers, including the following.
In Canton Township, the area where Ford Road and Haggerty Road meet 
In Canton Township, the area where Ford Road and Lilley Road join 
The junction of Dix Highway and the Southfield Freeway, located in Lincoln Park 
Safe Driving Tips For Motorcyclists and Drivers
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to things like preventing accidents. While it is always important to be very aware of the road conditions and the other drivers on the road, Michigan drivers should be especially careful at intersections. Avoid distracted driving of any type. Phone calls, video games, and changing the radio station can all wait until the vehicle is safely parked. Even a moment of distracted driving can result in a serious or even fatal vehicle accident.
Ultimately, the best thing that motorcycle riders can do to stay safe on the road is to remember defensive driving rules. Motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the road, so it is always wise to take extra precautions while entering the road, while taking exits, and while making turns. It is also highly recommended that motorcycle riders know their vehicle well and anticipate other drivers and their potential blind spots: Be aware of all the blind spots on the motorcycle as well as the blind spots that automobiles commonly have.
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