Monday, August 22, 2016


as not asked whether it was okay if they massaged my gluts area; it was massaged A LOT. 

I'm not particularly shy about either of these things, but you might want to speak up if you're particularly concerned about either. The massage that I paid for was $35 for a 50 minute massage. What I got was almost 1.5 hours of service from a genuinely eager masseuse in training. He listened to me when I told him where my tension areas were and assured me that he would help me work out those areas. He also found lots of additional areas thought were tight and worked extensively on those areas. The facilities were clean and private, but sterile. You're definitely not stepping into a spa environment. There was nic
  •  and for that, I feel qualified to write an accurate review of the place! If I had to guess, I've probably had about 20 massages here from students in training. Several times a year they offer a special in which you can buy hour-long massages for $25 each! Holy cow, what a great deal! Hence the 20 or so massages I've had! Well, I've finally decided that I'd maybe quit going to Parker.

    Of the 20 massages I've had I would say 2 of them have been right up there with the best professional massage I've had. Probably 10 have been average massages from an obvious student in training and the rest were doozies! The training program the students go through is fairly quick and therefor the turnover is high. In other words, by the time you find a great masseuse, the student is about to graduate and you will never have them again! At the end of the appointment you are asked to fill out a survey on the student's performance.

    The atmosphere could best be described as clinical. No spa-like setting aside from the occasional tranquil music playing. Several times I have been downright frigid getting a massage there. And a couple of times I have had fairly unprofessional students that probably won't make it in the real world of massage!

    One reason I go is, because even an average massage is sometimes worth $25! Tipping is not required- any money you tip is just put into a fund for the graduating students to have a small party at the end of the year. And, they can usually squeeze me into a same day appointment, in case I woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.
e music playing in the private room, and the masseuse kept conversatio

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