Thursday, September 8, 2016


osts can vary widely depending on where drivers live within Minnesota and which auto insurance company they choose to insure with. Our team of analysts set out to measure the difference by getting quotes for two typical drivers across more than 100 cities and 18 insurers to help drivers in the Gopher State with more information. Our research revealed a gap of almost $2,600 between the costs of the most expensive and cheapest insurers for our average drivers. In Saint Paul, for example, the costliest company charged $2,760 more per year than the cheapest company. That's why to get the best car insurance rates in Minnesota, compare quotes from at least three companies. Type your zip code above for the top insurers active in your neighborhood to begin looking for great rateso answer the question of which company had the cheapest car insurance rates, we analyzed quotes in 109 cities across the state for a single 30 and 65 year old man. We then averaged the annual premiums for our sample drivers by company, and used that as a benchmark to determine which companies had the lowest rates.
Based on our analysis, we found that Farm Bureau Mutual*, State Farm, and West Bend Mutual had the best rates for auto insurance in Minnesota. Note that the Farm Bureau Mutual requires an annual membership for Minnesota drivers to be eligible for their products, including auto insurance. Membership dues depend on the county drivers live in, and range from $47 in Sherburne to $85 in Goodhue and Wabasha. Most counties set their dues at $65 per year. For more information on dues and membership with the Minnesota Farm Bureau, click here.
Here's the full list of companies we included in our analysis, ranked from the lowest average annual rates to the most expensive auto insurance company. These rates are based on our two sample drivers, which we used to benchmark relative costs across the companies. Your rates can be completely different just based on your own driving circumstances, including the number of tickets or claims, the car you drive, and how much additional or optional types of coverage you choose. Note that California Casualty provides auto insurance products for teachers, safety officers,aint Paul, Minneapolis, and Forest Lake had three of the highest insurance costs in the state, but there is opportunity to save through comparison shopping. Our researchers looked at auto insurance quotes for our two sample drivers across 109 cities in Minnesota, and were able to identify the companies with the best rates by city. Below are the three cheapest auto insurance companies by city, along with the average premium for our profiled drivers. We start with the top biggest cities, and finish with the rest in alphabetical order.

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