Friday, September 9, 2016


Based on our analysis, we found that Farm Bureau Mutual*, State Farm, and West Bend Mutual had the best rates for auto insurance in Minnesota. Note that the Farm Bureau Mutual requires an annual membership for Minnesota drivers to be eligible for their products, including auto insurance. Membership dues depend on the county drivers live in, and range from $47 in Sherburne to $85 in Goodhue and Wabasha. Most counties set their dues at $65 per year. For more information on dues and membership with the Minnesota Farm Bureau, click here.
Here's the full list of companies we included in our analysis, ranked from the lowest average annual rates to the most expensive auto insurance company. These rates are based on our two sample drivers, which we used to benchmark relative costs across the companies. Your rates can be completely different just based on your own driving circumstances, including the number of tickets or claims, the car you drive, and how much additional or optional types of coverage you choose. Note that California Casualty provides auto insurance products for teachers, safety officers, firefighters, and nurseMinnesota Insurance Da

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