Friday, September 9, 2016


  • Overall Experience: My overall experience at Cranbrook would probably not be that life-changing, but it's my problem rather than the school's problem. First of all, I told myself I had to accept the suburban life in a boarding school, but that doesn't mean I love that kind of lifestyle. I'm born and raised in a central city, and me at Cranbrook has been like Tessa in Chatswin (Suburgatory), accepting but still waiting to get out of there. Second, IMO, the education I got at Cranbrook is not practical enough for life after graduation. Sure, I probably got good grades and good test score, but there's more in life than just that. However, if there's one thing I really appreciate from the school is that it really lets me, for once in a lifetime, be different. This school possesses fairness, and that means I get to be myself without scare of being judged. Personally, I think that's one of the most important factor in growing up, which is to be able to be one's self. For a greedy kid who just cannot get enough like me, of course no school gets 2 thumbs up. However, compared to other high schools, Cranbrook is definitely one of the best if you search for an excellent education and healthy teenage experience, and that gets from me 1 thumb up. Ok, maybe 1 and a half.
    •  Nurses at Cranbrook arverall, Cranbrook teachers are really good at their jobs, just not the best. Most of them follow decent teaching plans and methods, and students eventually learn a lot from the classes. Teachers also feature technology and class discussions, which, from my personal experience, have been the biggest helpers to me in engaging to and understanding class topics. However, I do think Cranbrook needs to do better in selecting their employees. I've been in classes of some of the teachers who I can never understand how they even got their jobs, regarding their poor engagement with students and bad teaching. Cranbrook teachers also use pretty medieval methods that don't really prepare students for real life, which honestly disappoint me because the school has a really great reputatio
    • e very caring to students when they have any problem, not just physical ones but also emotional ones. In fact, the nurses are one of my favorites in the school. The only thing I don't like about the school health department is that the medicines they give students are too light, but I think I'm the only one who complains about that since I'm used to strong medicines. Cranbrook is also very safe. Once you're out of their sight, they'll go to find you immediately. Sometimes I even think they're stricter than my own mother.
      • High School Junior
      Extracurriculars: Extracurriculars in Cranbrook are not really dominant, since school work has already taken a lot of time from students. There are about 40 clubs in total, but only about 10 actually work. Of course, there are a lot of opportunities, but many students miss out on those opportunities. Also, in selecting officials, I think teachers/club advisors should be the one who decide the officials and not just rely on the votes of club members. Some of the clubs do this and I think that way will leave out some potential students because the vote will be based on popularity.

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